BMNSP Meeting Agenda, March 1st, 2018

Patrol Director Report: (Bridget)

  1. I attended the RMD Awards Meeting with Lin (every educational) excited to share our National Nordic Patrol of the Year Nomination and got really great feedback.  
  • Thanks to all who have contributed data for this to happen
  • Thanks to Bear, Lin and now Amy Edwards who have worked on the WHY we deserve this award.  I’ll be turning it in by the May due date.
  1. Thank you everyone signing up for Duty Days both on the Front Range and at DTR
  2. Bear and I will be doing a late March Toboggan building session when the Dr. OK’s my knee & Bear comes back from China; TBD / we will let you know.
  3. Passing the Torch:  It’s been an amazing 2 years.  I set some big goals as Director and feel very happy I hit them within the 2-year time-frame I set for myself. A few goals were:

* New Nordic Jacket Design for more congruent look on the patrol/partnership with Ski Area Supplies

* Improved first aid equipment at DTR (got 2 Prams from AMR)

* Communication Upgrade: I helped with the development and launch of our new on-line website w/ huge thanks to Kelly Greene and Maya)

* Worked to review protocols at DTR and Front Range (thank you Henry/Bear)

* Design and launch of a Mentoring Program which I plan to further develop for both DTR & Front Range

* Partnerships with the USFS and DTR Staff – keeping us all on the same page

* While injured this winter, asking for recognition within BMNSP & at the National Level (fingers crossed for NSP Award next year!!) – thank you Lin Ballard for all your time and guidance, you are one of my personal heroes.

I will help act as assistant director next season for whoever takes this job over as I want this transfer to go smoothly.  It has been an absolute honor to act in this position, Patrol Director, as your leader.


Avalanche Report: (Cindy)

  1. Level 2 Avalanche course in progress, contact Cindy if you want to instruct/help out. March 24 – 27 SMR


DTR Report: (Henry)  – Conditions at DTR – still awesome

  1. All the data is in the file, but … over 168 patroller days at DTR so far, this year- plus 5 days at Ranch 2 Ranch.
  2. Liberal estimate assumes that weekend days are full days, which is not always true. Some time spent at DTR is logged as 1/2 day, or 1/4, depending on actual hours, figuring that a full patrol day is 8 hours.


Nordic Clinics/New Members Report: (Amanda)   

  1. Recap on February 10th at DTR – Lin said it was awesome and had many incredible things to say on    how detailed and fun Amanda is making Nordic Clinics with John. (Thank You guys!)


Front Range Report: (Bear/John)

  1. Brainard closes March 3rd– We will continue to patrol the Front Range until April 15. This will be a good opportunity to patrol trails you have never been on before.
  2. Torch Passing (A real SAW was passed.. for Front Range Leader – (drum roll..)) to John Pope!!!  Both guys will help keep the Front Range Patrol rolling next season as a team.


Mountain Travel Report: (Jill)

    1. Recap on MTR Classes so far-

Jill always welcomes instructors!! PLEASE reach out to her if you can help~

  • MTR 1 and MTR 2 are in session now, March 9-11 is the outside sleep over for both classes.  Let Jill know if you want to help with one or two nights in the field.


Webmaster Report: (Kelly G)

  1. Many patrollers have several email addresses on file, and we want to make sure whatever we send goes to the correct one.
  2. Join Google Groups if you haven’t done that yet.
  3. Website: we continue to update this as things change. If you have any issues, email me- Kelly. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible, but between Fri-Sun she is usually away from a computer.
  4. Sign-Up genius is not an app Kelly created, so some of the nuances are what they are. If you are having big problems with it also email Kelly and she can reach out to their support team 🙂 
  5. EMAIL: for anything related to the web-site or sign-up genius moving forward. 

OEC Report:  

  1. Need to create OEC Instructors in Training Meeting: Lin/Bridget working on this TBD soon.


Treasury Report: (John)

  1. Website payment: $10/month (discussion)


Patrol Mom Updates:

  1. End O’ Year Party and Heroes of Telemark (HOT) / Need to send out survey for April date that will work for most of the patrol.  Be expecting that soon.
  2. Calendar/organization meeting for coming season: We will do this before the ‘HOT’ party.
  3. CPR Instructors training date: TBD soon, working with Kelly McDevitt on this program.


Additional Reports from Peanut Gallery:

  1. Terrie Clark wanted to publicly THANK Tegan and Candice Bartholomew-Brown team for coming to help teach at her recent Brownies First Aid Badge Class in Boulder. Tegan was extremely admired and now has a new following of young girls wanting to grow up to be like her!
  2. Lin shared the awesome story sent in from Kurt Sonderman about he and Amy helping at a local sledding area and using fast acting first aid skills to help a young boy who had seriously injured his leg (broke is tibia!). Kurt was thankful that due to their education and first aid skills – the boy averted needing surgery and even the doctor stated that the leg didn’t seem broken by looking at it – the xray confirmed the bad break.  Great job Edward-Sonderman TEAM!!
  3. Dave Hoyt shared the story of a Garmin device helping to save the life of Rob (who works with CMC and the cabin) who last year stared to have a heart attack while hiking gear into the cabin and because he used his device had help waiting for him which saved his life when he managed to slowly work his way to the entrance at Brainard Lake.  Rescue personnel flew him out and if they hadn’t acted so quickly he would have died.

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