New BMNSP patroller Information

Annual Dues: are currently $70, of which $55 is paid to the National Ski Patrol and $15 to the Rocky Mountain. Bryan Mountain Nordic SP does not charge any dues. If you are interested in joining please contact the Candidate Advisor.

Patroller Classifications

Candidate not yet completed OEC
Patroller Have completed OEC and patrol orientation for Devil’s Thumb and Front Range.
Nordic Patroller Pass a ski test, toboggan building, Nordic skills
Take Level 1 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel.
Take Mountain Travel and Rescue, MTR-1 (especially for Front Range Patrollers)
Not all of these need to be completed in one year and especially in the year you do OEC.

Yearly Requirements

Each year there after you are expected complete the OEC Refresher.
Keep a current CPR certification.
Attend the On-the-Hill Refresher
Put in 4 days of patrolling and/or teaching

And oh, yes, attend as many fun events as possible!

Communications and Information

BMNSP patrol website:
On the public page you will find information about the patrol, history, calendar, and courses.
Inside “members area”, you will find a box with names of patrollers, hit the submit button and the patrol sign-up for duty days calendar appears. Here you can click on a day or the whole month and see who is patrolling and where. You will eventually be entered into this system. You can also click the lines under someone’s name and get their contact information and below that you can get an entire roster.

National Ski Patrol (NSP):
Create a new member profile and email Lin. You will then get a link to complete your registration. Once you have set up a log in and password you can get to “member resources” where you can sign-up for courses, find information and a plethora of pro deals and access to the NSP Catalog. If you click on your name, you will find your profile. You will want to make sure it is correct as this is what the NSP uses to communicate with you and send out Ski Patrol Magazine.

Rocky Mountain Division:
Here you will find RMD news and events. You can also find patrol and officer contact information. Using your member number you will be able to set up a log in.

BMNSP Yahoo Group
This is the main way BMNSP communicates. You need to accept an invitation to the group to join. Here you will find recent messages and files of information.

Facebook BMNSP is a closed group Lin will need to add you.