BMNSP Meeting Agenda, February 1st , 2018

Patrol Director Report: (Bridget)

  1. I’m busy attempting to get us the Nordic Ski Patrol of the Year Award/ turning it in by Feb 20th Awards Committee meeting.  Special thanks to Lin, Bear and Cindy for helping me with data so far.
    • IF you have taught a class, worked with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Universities or Schools to teach any classes – get this information to Bridget asap!



  1. Special Thank you to everyone’s participation at the Stage Coach Race at DTR & Snow Shoe Race at Brainard this past month.  (Henry and Bear – you guys just rock). Both Huge Successes!
  1.    Sign up for February Duty Days please & indicate where you are patrolling.
  2.    Ski Area Supplies is finishing out more patrol jackets this week – get with Mardee to grab a jacket
  3.    PAY DUES! Please go to the website and CHECK that you have paid for 2017-2018! We have helped many patrollers get paid in that had small registration issues complicating payments.  If you have questions, email Bridget or call NSP and they can help you out!


Avalanche Report: (Cindy)

  1. Avy level 2 Class (Brian Ballard) – Info: Class Full at this time, waiting list.  Contact Brian if still interested to get on waiting list. 4 Days March 24-27 (Saturday – Tuesday).


DTR Report: (Henry)  – Conditions at DTR – actually really nice now.

  1. Stage Coach:   Event Highlights and take-aways for next season: Henry compiling a list of what worked well and what we can improve next year. (It’s going to be a list, with turn over at the Thumb much was forgotten that worked well in years past)
  2. Research Update for new contact program for outreach to patrol: Henry will be moving the Yahoo Groups email blasts to Google groups soon.  Expect to see this happen and get more notes for a bit.
  3.  Sat. Feb. 10  Ranch to Ranch – Michael Doberson coordinating medical effort (we think ;)! 12K of super fun terrain spanning from Ski Granby Ranch to Snow Mnt Ranch – easy, fun skiing.  Come help!


Nordic Clinics/New Members Report: (Amanda)   

  • Next Nordic Clinic: February 10th at DTR. Come by 9am and skiing by 10am.  Last clinic included toboggan building and Amanda said 4 people successfully completed the class.
  • Skate and Traditional Ski Skills will be taught – skis and equipment can be rented at DTR.  Fun events planned throughout the day and food festivities after the event.  


Front Range Report: (Bear/John)

  • Brainard closes March 1. We will continue to patrol the Front Range until April 15. This will be a good opportunity to patrol trails you have never been on before.
  • Jen was lead patroller to support the Sourdough Snowshoe Race support on Saturday, assisted by Roger, Martina, Cassidy, and Nate Keane. Jen Comments: thank you for this help!
  • Please reread SPOT instructions on the website. We depend on these units to keep you safe.
  • Bear would like to recruit a new Backcountry Coordinator for next year. Email if you are interested!


Mountain Travel Report: (Jill)

    1. Organizing a Level 1 and Level 2 class this year:


  • MTR 1: Class dates (Feb 13, 20th and 27th @ the Church) Field Day plus 1 over night Date = March 10th & 11th.


  1. MTR 2: Class dates tentative right now: (Feb 27th & March 1st) Field Day= March 9-11th (tbd)

* Contact Jill even if you can not make these dates: they are not in stone and she is willing to work with a majority group.

  1. Contact Jill directly –she will send requirements for those interested via email.
  • Jill needs instructors!! PLEASE reach out to her if you can help~


Webmaster Report: (Kelly G)

  1. The website went down because I added too many photos of the patrol’s beautiful faces – but we have fixed it without having to remove anyone and should be good to go 🙂 
  2. When Signing up for Front Range Patrol – please remember to list your location, and if you know ahead of time, a rough estimate of the hours you’ll be patrolling on the front range. We decided just listing where you are going is easier than giving 10 location options/day on the calenda

OEC Report:  

  • IN today: Members may purchase a printed card for $10 from the NSP Online Store starting on Monday, January 22nd, through close of business Thursday, February 15th – Cards mailed out in March.


Treasury Report: (John)


National & BMNSP Updates: (Patrol Mom-Lin)

  • OEC instructors in training to finish up: 9 people / 10 total including a new transfer.  We are looking to pick a date and make this happen within the next three months.
  • Avalanche Level 1- Module 3 Rescue, needed by all patrollers and especially those taking Level 2 / Cindy/Lin reaching out to those patrollers who just took Level 1 Avy and need this course before the Level 2 course.  
  • Assess the need for an ID (Instructor Development) course / potentially teaching one of these classes this Spring.
  • Find out who is willing to become CPR instructor and find dates  – Kelly & Lin putting a class together for instructors/ dates coming soon!


Pro Deals/Gear: (Johan)  


Additional Reports from Peanut Gallery:


  • Nate Lord: Organizing 2 National Championship Canoe Races: (Buena Vista/Salida) July14th-17th, Open canoe July 20th-22nd.  Looking for first aid help for these races. Email Nate @

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