Patrol Director Report: (Bridget)

  1. Knee Update (out next 6-8 weeks healing from 2 Meniscus tears and Posterior Cruciate Ligament) BOO!
  2. Mentor Program for OEC/New Candidate Transfers Underway: review of program/sign-off sheets
  3. Jackets: Orders (Mardee from Ski Area Supply here for sizing again – Thank you!)
  4. Sign Up for Duty Days: EASY / Pick 3 days now at least
  5. PAY DUES! Please go to the website and CHECK that you have paid for 2017-2018! Last we looked ½ the patrol was NOT paid up.


Avalanche Report: (Cindy)

  1. January 6th & 7th Avy class (Berthoud) 30 Students!

* Cindy would love more help if anyone is interested

  1. National Info on other Avy Classes: from NSP

Avy Level 1 class: (All RMD Patrollers) ((IF THERE IS NO SNOW< THEY WILL CANCEL))

Announcement for the NSPLevel 1 Avalanche Course at Pajarito Mountain scheduled Feb 23-25, 2018. Please contact Amy Bauer at with questions.

Enrollment instructions: Please go to to enroll. Up to 50% of the slots are reserved for patrollers. There is no registration fee for NSP patrollers and registration is limited. Enrollment confirmation will be first-come, first-served according to the date of receipt of the $40 course enrollment fee, which includes lift privileges on the field session days and an NSP certificate of course completion. (NSP patrollers will get formal course credit for L1 modules 1 and 2; rescue-component module 3 will be offered if there is sufficient demand).

Please contact Amy Bauer at with questions.

  1. Avy level 2 Class (Brian Ballard) – Info: Class Full at this time, waiting list.  Contact Brian if still interested to get on waiting list. 4 Days March 24-27 (Saturday – Tuesday).


DTR Report: (Henry)  – Conditions at DTR are slim right now – we need more snow.  Tread lightly

Please start signing up there.

  1. Stage Coach:   January 20th
  2. New Operating procedures for DTR
  3. Nordic Weekend: (Lin/Amanda)  January 19th-21st

Join us, Nordo’s from Rocky Mountain Division!

Package Deal  $15 for ALL the fun

Friday,  1:00 – 3:00  Casual Tour

Saturday,  Stagecoach Classic – see details below

Sunday,  Classic/Skate lessons, and Waxing Clinic

Friday and Saturday night lodging (Nordic style, i.e. cozy) Saturday night main dish for the potluck dinner.


Nordic Clinics: (Amanda) 2 Fun Filled Weekends around the Stage Coach!

January 27th and February 10th (avoiding Stagecoach and Alley Loop conflicts)


Here are our general thoughts:

  • Hold two separate Saturday events (27th and 10th) so in case people have conflicts they can still come out for at least one.
  • We can hold some structured instruction for both skate and classic, depending on the interests of the new patrollers. Maybe we can coordinate some loaner gear from the rental shop for those who want to try out some nicer gear.
  • Watch some world cup videos over lunch for technique inspiration.
  • Basic and advanced waxing instruction
  • Group free ski after lunch to work on new skills and check out trails if new to DTR
  • Potluck lunch w/ happy hour at Heck’s after (maybe Casa Mexico dinner)
  • Sunday: toboggan building one Sunday and maybe a backcountry tour on Berthoud on the otherSunday

Front Range Report: (Bear)

  1. SPOT 101 Review – Turn on when you start patrolling (look for light that it is ON, then carry with you all day top of pack, END of day push the ‘message’ button = patrol is finished.
  2. Key Backcountry Contacts Review: all backcountry patrollers now on website w/ vehicle info.  Please check that your vehicle information is still correct.
  3. Still no Jump Bag at Brainard: stolen last summer.  Have the sled, acquiring more gear and bag now.
  4. No RADIOS on front range January 6th and 7th (they went to Avalanche Class for the event this weekend)
  5. Snowshoe Race: Brainard Lake January 27th (please sign up!) All day event.
  6. Dogs can go North and South on Sourdough, The main roads and all of Camp Dick. No other trails.


Mountain Travel Report: (Jill)

  1. Organizing a Level 1 and Level 2 class this year (modular level course classes coming up soon)
  2. Feb 23-25, March 9-11th dates over nights for Level I and Level 2 / tbd
  3. Contact Jill directly –she will send requirements for those interested via email.


Webmaster Report: (Kelly G)

  1. Kelly just finished uploading photos for individuals on the site.  If you want a different photo – get one to Kelly and she will update your photo.


New Members Report: (Kim/Amanda)

  1. Amanda Stone will now be taking over this role from Kim – Congrats Amanda!


OEC Report: Finished


Treasury Report: (John) Finances look good.  Nothing to report.


National Update: (Patrol Mom) Nothing this month


Pro Deals/Gear: (Johan) Newly taking this over from Susan Patterson / more to come next month.


Updates from patrollers:

  1. Alley Loop Race Feb 3rd (Crested Butte) / Sue S offered Pot Luck night.  5K, 10K, 21K & 42K – costumes encouraged.  Contact Amanda if you are going!
  2. Contact John Pope if you are interested in comp tickets to Ski Cooper:


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