1.      Next Ski Patrol Meeting is January 4th   7PM at the Church.  Theme – Make it Snow already!!  Snowflakes/Colder Temps/anything….

2.      Snowball Recap: A great time was had by all and all got great white elephant gifts.   In from Lin (Patrol Mom Extraordinaire):

  • Ski Area Supplies (Owner Mardee)  attended our event had vests and our new jackets in different sizes available for patrollers to try on and place orders.  IF you were not at the Snowball Event and would like to order a new jacket, please email Bridget.  We will be figuring out more order forms for individuals and bringing them to the next patrol meeting (come to the meeting!!).
  • Bomb Shell Awards given out at the party for people who have really helped a ton this ski season within programs: Linda Ballard for running the OEC course this year, Kelly Greene for the Website development upkeep, Kelly McDevitt for OEC Weekend warrior training and OEC Testing (2 locations) , Alan Stark for Front Range Patrol On-The-Hill Training and yearly coordination with the Forest Service, Mardee from Ski Area Supplies for making us a cool new Ski Patrol Jacket, Sue Sweetra for the OEC Refresher (she wasn’t in attendance but everyone gave her a huge round of applause), and lastly a bomb (bath salts bomb) to Cindy Gagnon for running the Avalanche Level I class and coordinating all beacon and outdoor hands-on clinics.
  • Lin handed out awards to our new OEC Class whom all passed between the Sunshine Canyon Fire Station Test and the Loveland area test.  CONGRATS to one of the most Rad classes we’ve had go through in a while – can’t wait to patrol with you all!
  • The OEC Class Awarded Lin with a cool bag with their photo which we know she will use a lot / many photos taken.
  • Bear spoke about getting back packs organized for Back Country Patrol and has been coordinating ‘Shadowing Days’ for the Brainard Lake area to help orient new members.
  • When it finally snows more, DTR will open and Bridget has been busy working to get a 2017/2018 Contract signed with Management, upgrades to our patrol room and new equipment (2 new gurneys: one in the activities center under stairs and one in the patrol room) to aid in first aid care.
  • Gift Wars: OH MY.. we had fun.  There was a big fight for a super ugly sweater, big sunglasses, an air gift bag, dancing cow and sexy firefighter calendar – I’m sure I missed a few!  Thanks for coming to the party, meeting some new members and wearing some flannel ~ a good time was had by ALL!

3.     OK, this is important; it turns out 50% of our patrol has not paid dues on line yet.  OOOOPPPPS *?!!  PLEASE Check your Membership throughwww.nsp.org and PAY dues.  You should see that you are paid through December 31st, 2018.  Many are only paid through 2017.  PLEASE, PLEASE check.  (We don’t want to put anyone on the naughty list here, so be good and get it off the ‘to-do-list’ asap.)

4.      The Avalanche Class is underway – the class room sessions are complete with on-the-hill training fast approaching.  If you want to help Cindy Gagnon with the outdoor educational piece, please contact her at: gagnonc2@comcast.net.

  • IF you are not helping with the Avy class think about SIGNING UP for a DTR or Front Range Duty da

5.        The Nordic ‘Powers that Be’ are putting together information for Nordic Training around the Stage Coach race (the following day on Sunday)  More to come after the January 4th Thursday night meeting.


6.      COMING SOON: DTR and Front Range Official Orientation Sign-Off Sheets – it’s the next step for those who have just passed OEC OR who are new transfers onto our patrol.  In order to patrol in coat on the Front Range or at DTR, a completed form must be filled out.  Come get your forms at our next MEETING and pair with a mentor.  We need everyone trained up soon, come out and help!

7.      Stagecoach Race: Saturday, January 20th  / In order to create more order.. I have crowned Henry Ballard the “KING” of this winter event.  Please reach out directly to Henry to reserve your spot helping at the race with your special requests for duty locations for this day.  Henry’s email is moregrins@yahoo.com.  Thankyou Henry for organizing everyone.. you are amazing!

–          Thank you ALL so much for your effort, time and desire to help others.  I appreciate YOU 😉

~ Bridget

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