After a week and a half of dull weather, it looks like we have some interesting weather on our horizon.  On Thursday, a large closed low forms over Colorado.  These storms are rather unpredictable (as is evident with the wide distribution of model solutions listed below), and here are the various model forecasts:

16” – Canadian and European Models;

7” – RDPS and UK Met Models;

6” – American Model (but the grid I’m looking at averaging 9,439’ elevation is predicting 1” of rain before snow);

2” – NAM Model

A smaller round of snow may hit our patrol zone on Sunday, with the Canadian Model calling for 2”, the European Model calling for 1”, and the American Model calling for nothing.  Regardless, at least there’s real snow in our forecast again!

Retrospective Discussion:

There have been any number of dustings over the last week and a half, but sadly the Cinco de Mayo storm never happened, so the American Model was more-or-less spot-on, with the European Model being too optimistic, and the Canadian Model being way too optimistic.


-Jordan (Monday 5/8/23 afternoon)