Snow!  The first closed low in a while will be just south of our patrol zone on Tuesday, generating winds from the eastern half of the compass and hopefully a good shot of snow.  The exact location, speed, and shape of the low pressure will make a big difference in how much snow we ultimately get – which is obvious from the more than five-fold difference between the most pessimistic model solution to the most optimistic model solution.  Here are the various model forecasts:

22” – WRF Model

21” – NAM Model

19” – American Model

14” – Canadian Model

13” – RDPS Model

8” – UK Met Model

4” – European Model

Snowshowers linger a bit.  Then, a smaller from the northwest comes in on Friday.  Here are the model forecasts for the Friday system:

4” – European Model

3” – American Model

2” – Canadian Model

Spring looks to return on Saturday April 29 and stick with us from that point out to forecast fairyland.

Retrospective Discussion:

With Eldora now closed for the season, its snowstake webcam is down.  So, trying to piece together the snowfall one has to rely upon Snotel data or other sources, which aren’t nearly as reliable.  So, suffice it to say that we got somewhere between 2” and 6” of snow in the last system. 


-Jordan (Monday (4/24/23 morning)