A giant closed low moves west, almost directly over the US / Canadian border for the next several days, and a little bit of moisture will reach our patrol zone from Tuesday evening through Saturday.  This system to our north will also mean we’ll have cold temperatures during this time.  Here are the various model predictions:

6” – UK Met Model

5” – European Model

3” – Canadian and American Models

Temperatures start to warm again on Sunday, but then another storm from the northwest may result in some snow early to the middle of the next week.  Here are the model snow forecasts for that possible system from Monday (4/24) through Thursday (4/27):

6” – Canadian Model

2” – American Model

1” – European Model

Retrospective Discussion:

Eldora’s snowcam showed it picked up 11” in the Friday/Saturday system.  As such, the WRF Model was dead on accurate, with the WRF, American, and RDPS Models all within an inch.  The NAM was only a slight bit off with 9”, while the European Model did second worst with a 7” prediction, and the Canadian Model missed it by the most, predicting only 6”. 


-Jordan (Monday (4/17/23 evening)