For our last week of patrol season, warm springtime weather continues.  Then, in what seems like an endless repeat, a closed low goes to our north (why won’t one go just to our south this Spring?) producing some but not a ton of snow for our patrol zone on Friday into Saturday morning.  Here are the various model forecasts for our patrol zone:

11” – Canadian Model

7” – European Model

5” – American Model

This final patrol weekend looks to have very different days, especially if you believe the Canadian Model (which tends to be the most accurate for our patrol zone).  Saturday will be snowy and relatively cold, while Sunday will be warmer with sun.  Temperatures then continue to warm early next week with the possibility of the next snow middle of next week. 


-Jordan (Monday 4/10/23 morning)

You might be a Bryan Mountain Patroller if: you only left Boulder County three times last year – two times for patrol days at East Portal and once for a patrol happy hour.