A closed low currently over California will head northwest moving moisture into Colorado, but unfortunately will head north of our patrol zone, so won’t produce too much moisture.  At least there will be a strong jet overhead that may assist with snowfall.  Snowfall looks to be strongest on Tuesday into early Wednesday.  Here are the model forecasts from Monday evening to Friday morning:

9” – European Model

6” – Canadian Model

3” – American Model

Then, a smaller low from the west northwest may track south of our patrol zone, resulting in more snowfall from Saturday through Monday.  Here are the model forecasts:

7” – American and European Model

4” – Canadian Model

Light snow may (or may not) continue after that as well.


-Jordan (Monday (3/20/23)

You might be a Bryan Mountain Patroller if: you consider trying to build a backcountry toboggan out of four tongue depressors and a roll of medical tape not an impossibility, but rather a fun challenge.