After last night’s snow, we’ll be under a ridge of high pressure (i.e., pleasant weather) through this weekend.  Highs on Saturday look to be in the lower 20s, and highs on Sunday look to be in the upper 20s, and Sunday looks to be the windier of the two weekend days.

Several waves of snow look to hit us from Monday through Thursday, with moisture coming from both the west southwest and the west northwest.  (Wolf Creek should get hammered.)  Here are the various global model’s predictions for snow from Monday (3/20) through Thursday (3/23):

10” – Canadian Model

7” – UK Met Model

4” – American and European Models

Gazing out a week, the Canadian Model is calling for continuous light snow from Friday (3/24) through Sunday (3/26) with 6” total, while the American Model is calling for no real snow on Friday (3/24) or Sunday (3/26), but 3” on Saturday (3/25).

Retrospective Discussion:

Eldora’s webcam showed 3” of new snow out of this system, so the American Model was dead on, the WRF Model was a little low, the European Model was too optimistic, and our usually dependable Canadian Model was sadly way too optimistic.


-Jordan (Friday (3/17/23) morning)

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