Zonal (i.e., westerly flow) through Wednesday.  Relative cold and moisture come from the west on Thursday.  A weak low pressure forms to our south which may result in some upslope.  Here are the model forecasts for the Thursday snow:

7” – Canadian Model

5” – European Model

3” – American Model

2” – WRF Model

Weather then gets more pleasant with a ridge of high pressure on Friday and Saturday, with more snow starting again on Sunday.  The Canadian, European, and American Models all have slow and steady snowfalls from Sunday to Thursday, with a total 11” per the Canadian Model, 5” per the European Model, and 3” per the American Model during that five day period.

Retrospective Discussion:

Eldora picked up 5” by Saturday, so the American, European, and RDPS Models all did a nice job, while the Canadian and WRF Models were way too optimistic.  Since that time, Eldora reported 2” this morning, which is more in line with the Canadian Model than the more pessimistic American and European Models.


-Jordan (Tuesday (3/14/23) morning)

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