A bit more snow is possible today (Friday).  High temperatures will warm each day from today through Tuesday, and will likely stay warm through Thursday at least. 

Looking at the edge of forecast fairyland, the American, Canadian, and European Models all predict our next chance of snow coming around Friday (3/4) and lasting out to the edge of the ten day forecast on Sunday (3/6).  The three global models differ wildly on the size of this system, with the American Model calling for 13”, the European Model is calling for 5”, and the Canadian Model calling for 2”.  That’s hardly surprising as this forecast is at the edge of forecast fairyland, so let’s just hope it’s a big system when it eventually arrives. 

Retrospective Discussion:

With the snow and cold winding down, unfortunately it looks like we only picked up roughly 5” during the week-long system.  What a bummer.  WRF Model called this one dead on, and all other models were too optimistic (NAM, RDPS, American, Canadian, and European) or way too optimistic (UK Met). 


-Jordan (Friday (2/25) morning)