Quick forecast (and a bit early) as unfortunately I don’t have time to do a more thorough forecast.  Boring weather from now until Monday (2/21).  Looks to be a partly cloudy weekend with strong westerly winds.

Then a large and complex system moves over most of the western U.S. from Monday to Wednesday (per Canadian Model), or two systems move over almost overlapping from Monday to Saturday (per American Model).  It’s too far away to make decent predictions, but there are some promising signs.  Here are the various model snow forecasts for the system(s):

12” – Canadian Model

11” – European Model

8” – American Model

8” – UK Met Model (through Tuesday evening)

Retrospective Discussion:

Wednesday’s storm produced 7—8” judging the Eldora Snow Stake Cam, which means that the WRF nailed the prediction, the Canadian and American models were pretty close but a bit low, with the UK Met model a bit lower, and the European model significantly underpredicting the storm.


Jordan (Thursday (2/17) early morning)

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all forecasts are for 10,000’ in exposed areas.  References to American Model are the American (GFS) Model.  References to the Canadian Model are the Canadian (GDPS) Model.  References to the WRF Model are the CAIC WRF Hi-Res Model.  References to the European Model are the European (ECMWF) Model.