More Midweek Powder!

After a warm weekend, another system comes through Tuesday through Wednesday, with most of the snow falling Tuesday afternoon through evening. Temps will drop significantly down to almost double digit negative numbers by Wednesday night. Totals are as follows:

6-7″ – WRF
6.5″ – American Model
5.5″ – Canadian Model
5″ – European Model & UK Met

NWS conglomerate is tweaked by the NOAA folks at the Boulder office, and they’re calling for an expected 8″ at Eldora – with a 100% chance of >4″, 79% chance >6″, 45% chance >8%, but 0% chance of >12″ of snow!

No retrospective discussion as we had clear and warm weather this weekend as forecasted and no new snow since the last forecast, but we have some cold smoke to look forward to!

– Ben (Monday 1/31 evening)