From now until Saturday it looks to be way too warm in the mountains.  However, good news is coming.  The weather finally looks to get better (that means more snow and cold) on Sunday (11/8) as a trough arrives bringing moisture from the west.  More systems may be swinging by after that, and temperatures drop back down from Sunday onwards.  Nothing huge predicted yet snow-wise for our patrol area, but some snow is better than no snow.

Here are the various model predictions as of now.

The Canadian Model is calling for 3” on Saturday night, and another 3” on Monday through Wednesday of next week.

The American Model is calling for ½” on Saturday night, another ½” on Monday, and then 4” next Thursday.

The European Model is calling for 2” on Saturday night, another 3” on Monday / Tuesday.

The UKMet Model, which only runs out to Monday, is calling for 1” on Sunday.

As of now, it looks like the two best spots for snow by the end of next week will be the San Juans and the West Elks.

Cheers everyone.

-Jordan (Tuesday afternoon)

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all forecasts are for 10,000’ in exposed areas.  References to American Model are the American (GFS) Model.  References to the Canadian Model are the Canadian (GDPS) Model.  References to the WRF Model are the CAIC WRF Hi-Res Model.  References to the European Model are the European (ECMWF) Model.