Saturday (1/25): Partly cloudy, highs in the mid-20s, with westerly winds of 10-20 mph gusting to 40 mph or more.

Sunday (1/26): Partly cloudy, highs around 30, with southwesterly winds of 10-20 mph gusting to 40 mph. 

Forecast Discussion:

I’ll keep this short as I’m still overseas.  Unfortunately, with the weekend now in range of the CAIC WRF Model, and both the American and Canadian Models changing their forecasts, it looks like we’ll have more of the typical winds this weekend than I forecasted a few days ago.  As usual, CAIC WRF is predicting the highest winds, with gusts to 60 mph on Saturday, though the other models have gusts to 30 mph.

Friday night should see somewhere between a dusting and two inches of snow.   Otherwise, the snow ends this weekend, but comes back (hopefully with a vengeance) next week.  The Monday to Friday snow predicted totals are: Canadian 7.5”, American 6”, European 3-4”.  The models disagree on timing of these waves of snow, but at least are all consistent that we’ll see some snow.

Looking back, Eldora reported 3” over the past few days.

If anyone wants to join me for an Eldora Sidecountry patrol day on Sunday, please reach out to me directly.  Thanks everyone, and fingers’ crossed for good snow next week.

-Jordan (very early Friday morning)