Saturday (12/28): Light snow with highs in the mid-teens, shifting wind in the 10 mph range with gusts in the mid 20s.

Sunday (12/28): Partly cloudy, with highs in the upper single digits, west winds in the 30 mph range with gusts to 60 mph.

Forecast discussion:

Saturday will be snowy and Sunday will be cold and windy.  We should see 2-6” of snow on Friday afternoon to sunset on Saturday in our backcountry patrol zone.  The CAIC WRF Hi-Res is calling for 4” between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  The NAM model is calling for 3” with a burst on Friday afternoon and another on Saturday afternoon.  Both the American (GFS) and Canadian (GDPS) models are calling for snow to begin early Saturday, with a total of 2.5”.  Likely the biggest winner of this system within our backcountry patrol zone will be the East Portal area. 

Looking forward, the next snow looks set to arrive on New Years Day, coming in from the northwest.

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Jordan (Thursday afternoon)