Dear Patrol,

Over 30 lovely people showed up for the September meeting, including 2 transfer patrollers and 1 totally-new candidate. I believe this reflects the strong reputation we have as a patrol (thanks, all of you) and the patrol-otherlife balance that we enable.

Details from the meeting are below. I do want to stress that my goal for the Patrol-Year is engagement and knowledge-transfer of “life in BMNSP.” I’d like each of you to meet the end of season proclaiming, “Ich bin ein BMNSPer” with great pride.

The playful “NordicGNAR” exists for fun, for education, for camaraderie, and growth of all of us. I hope that you meet new people, learn of new events, take on new challenges, and that at the end of it all you say, “I want to do that again.” I am grateful that NordicGNAR has already been met with wild enthusiasm and points-accumulation will start with CSAW (see below) and then continue until April 17, Victoria Adams birthday.

More seriously….  Here’s our 30 and 60 day items for action:

30 days:

  • Patrollers can sign up for our OEC refresher online. At, it is class 180011. And, you can always search by “R005” to find BMNSP events. Instructors for our OEC refresher please note –> You should not register yet!!! Separate instructions will follow. ALL PATROLLERS can be taking the OEC on-line portion of the class. Remember that there’s 3 things you need to have done before OEC Refresher day:  1. Finish your online class and print the completion certificate, saving the pdf file of your completion. 2. BRING your completed workbook to the refresher. (And…) 3. Be on-time to the refresher the day of.
  • Bridget is working on CPR re-certification. Expect a separate email on that as options are finalized.
  • CSAW 2018 will be on October 5th at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge.   If you’re not already familiar with this event, please visit to know more and consider attending.   (Yes, this will get you NordicGNAR points)
  • Avalanche:  Level 1 class registration will open soon. Details to follow, remember, this class will fill 100%.
  • Alan Stark is meeting with the Forest Service and a significant amount of his duties will go to John Pope as Alan steps back to advise the Program, instead of Lead. THANK YOU ALAN!!!!

60 days:

  • Candace will run OTH at DTR. It will be great. Expect waffles. As plans for the day are finalized, supporting volunteers will be needed. 🙂

More than 60 days…  (fill your calendars…now!!!!)

  • OTH for BackCountry Patrolling is December 8
  • Tommelfest at DTR will be Saturday, December 8
  • Stagecoach event is January 26
  • Alley Loop (Crested Butte) is February 3
  • Ranch to Ranch (Diana Rau, Grand Nordic) is February 9
  • Rocky Mountain Division Nordic Clinic date, events, and location will be finalized
  • National Day at Ski Sunlight, Saturday, March 2.
  • MTR:   March 23 is a possible Instructor date. Date may change, event is very likely.



  • Amanda is Candiate Advisor and is handling a ton of email-inquiries about BMNSP. Thank you!
  • Don’t know who these contact persons are?   Email Mark or check the Facebook page for BMNSP to see the frequent updates from fellow patrollers.
  • Kelly Greene will manage the NordicGNAR points this year and has agreed to be our Assistant Patrol Director for this season and next with us looking for her to assume the PD role when 2019-2020 ski season ends. MORE DETAILS of NordicGNAR to follow.

And more random notes….

More to come in the next few weeks as CPR details are set. Expect to receive an Advisor Org-chart with names, roles, contact info.

Expect communications from me via emails from the gmail-group-address as lead, and evites and Facebook updates are to help ensure more layers of communication.

As we launch into this new year, as always, I’m always open to suggestions and feedback. Those who have known me the last 16+ years of patrolling should expect much of the same as in the past (oh boy…) but with a higher level of organization for some items as our growing organization necessitates some discipline from me. (The Fidel Castro and Jim Morrison phases of my leadership are done. Probably.)

Love you all,