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BMNSP Meeting Agenda for September 6, 2018               Vær best !!!

Welcome Patrollers!!!

Agenda Items:

Welcome to Patrollers Introductions of all, including Transfer and Candidate Patrollers
Patrol Director/Rep Goals for this ski season
Mountain Travel and Rescue  
Front Range Backcountry  
Devils Thumb Ranch  
Member Registration  
Calendar/Upcoming Events  
Nordic GNAR Overview, Goal, Discussion, Finalization


Proposed NordicGNAR Category list: (You need to patrol 3 days for your points to count, you can accumulate points in categories before your 3 days are done, but you must get the 3 days.)

  1. Patrolling (including Avy Class) 5+ plus days: points
  2. Patrol Tommelfest: points
  3. Patrol Stagecoach: points
  4. Patrol Ranch to Ranch: points
  5. Patrol with a new-patroller/veteran-patroller (10+ years) patroller: points
  6. Cook own warm breakfast outside before patrolling/Avy Class/MTR Class: points
  7. Picnic with other patrollers outside on patrol day: points
  8. Attend National Day: points
  9. Participate in a ski race/tour: points
  10. Participate in a hut trip or ski an abandoned ski area: points
  11. Randomly run into other patroller in environment outside context of on-hill-patrolling: points
  12. Ski outside Colorado or USA: points
  13. Infinity points: Get 1, 2, 3, 4 you get infinity points. (Also, any 11-year-old will tell you that “infinity plus 1” is a number, so…getting infinity won’t dis-incentivize continued participation).
  14. Sign-up for duty days by November 15, midnight: points
  15. Attend NSP Women’s Clinic, Powderfall other NSP Seminars, CSAW: points
  16. Unpredicted and unpredictable events or incidents: by nomination of peer … “so-and-so was involved in this event and deserves Nordic GNAR points as a result.” This aims to re-ignite Heroes of Telemark prize-worthy event. Potentially, the better the written description, the more points!


Actions needed:

  • Decision on points-per-item.
  • NordicGNAR t-shirt design, vendor selection, communication to Patrol
  • Management of NordicGNAR ‘points’ àKelly Greene has volunteered.
  • Selection of winners coffee-mug.

I’d turn this NordicGNAR Category list into poster-board size and put it on the patrol walls at DTR with patroller names on rows with each NordicGNAR Category in column across the top. Points are recorded on the board via tally-marks, and only assigned person(s) update the boards. Recorder-person would also likely have a spreadsheet to track. I’d need 1 person to communicate/organize the week-to-week scoring.

Logistics: I’d want to keep this information current via email, to a central person to track and update. I’d ask that email “Subject” for this will need to include NordicGNAR and not BMNSP so that we don’t mix “social/silly” with “operational communications”. Also, I figure this would end up on the Facebook feed.

2018-2019 Patrol Calendar